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The E-Wand

The E Wand is an intuitive and innovative solution for motorizing venetian blinds, vertical blinds, or mini-blinds. Utilizing Smart Technology, sensors automate movements to protect privacy and control energy costs in your home or office space. Thoughtful functionality places you in full control of your blinds.


Light and Temperature sensors automate the tilting of blinds in response to environmental factors.

The light sensor monitors natural light and automates the tilting of the blinds in relation to the amount of natural light sensed. During the day, blinds will tilt open to allow in natural light, while at night blinds will tilt closed to protect privacy.

The temperature sensor monitors the temperature near the window to automate the blind’s movement and help cut energy costs associated with heating and cooling the home. When the temperature is high, the E-Wand™ will tilt the blinds closed to prevent natural light and heat coming in through the windows. When the temperature is low, the E Wand will tilt open the blinds to help naturally heat the home.

e wand sensors.png


E Wands can be grouped together, making it easy to control multiple windows with a single command from any E Wand within a group. If a group has been created, a command as simple as a slight twist has the power to move all other blinds within that grouping. This functionality will work with manual controls, as well as with sensor triggered controls, allowing the E Wand functionality to be completely personalized to the user’s needs.


Wireless Power & Control

The battery-operated E Wand provides an economical means to motorize existing or newly installed blinds. The E Wand eliminates the need for hardwired installation or separate wires extending to a wall outlet as found in other products. The E Wand uses commonly available AA sized Alkaline batteries and provides a long life between battery replacements. Additionally, the E Wand's wireless design allows for easy portability when relocating to a new home.

007_Remote in wall mount.jpg

Easy Set Up

The E Wand can be easily attached to Venetian blinds, mini-blinds, and wand-tilted vertical blinds. Installation and programming procedures have been developed so they are intuitive and straightforward. Here you can find detailed instructional videos for installing and programming the E Wand. If needed, our friendly customer support staff is readily available to answer any questions.


Manual Control

Unlike many other automated window motorization units, the E Wand has manual control features to maximize user ability. The E Wand can be controlled through a simple turn of the handle, or via the optional remote control. E Wand operation takes far less dexterity to operate than a standard manual twist wand, while the optional multi-channel remote heightens E Wand functionality and allows for the optimal control of difficult to reach blinds.

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